July 20, 2017


Interactive Hedging Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Launching Summer 2017

HedgeAware tracks the hedging activity of 40 leading oil and gas producers in the United States.  The platform enables users to explore multi-dimensional data to gain insights into upstream hedging activity, past, present, and future.

Drill-down through active and historical hedges across a number of variables, including product type (oil, gas, or NGLs), company, type (e.g., swap vs collar), effective dates, and much more. Calculate hedges as a share of a companies’ production volumes or view them in the context of key financial metrics.

Data is updated frequently during each earnings season so that you can identify trends as they emerge.

HedgeAware is built upon Microsoft’s Power BI service, which means you can access your dashboards at any time on you computer, tablet, or smartphone (Android and iOS).

Screenshot of Prototype Build of HedgeAware

Screenshot of Prototype Build of HedgeAware