August 12, 2015

Products and Services

PetroNerds combines its extensive energy market knowledge, global expertise, data access and proprietary software tools to provide comprehensive consulting services to industry, executives, analysts, portfolio managers, economists, lenders, investors and policymakers and government agencies.

We work closely with our clients to create personalized research and advisory services covering both the U.S. oil and gas sector and global markets.  Our work is data-driven, analytical and actionable.

Research and Advisory

Economic and Policy Studies

PetroNerds provides accessible, data-driven studies addressing both economic and policy issues affecting the energy sector. Our staff’s work has been published by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Journal of Petroleum Technology, the Oil & Gas Journal, and World Oil, among others.

Market Research and Asset Evaluations

We combine our staff’s analytical experience with proprietary data and custom software tools to provide deep dives into assets, companies, and plays – from well performance to market and policy risk.

Geopolitical Analysis

We help you understand developments abroad and put US activity in a global context. Our staff has led research projects for both the private and public sectors on a number of global energy issues, including a multi-year study of Iraqi oil development, Russian oil companies, and an assessment of the impact of US shale oil production on foreign nations.

Executive Briefings and Speaking Engagements

Bring PetroNerds in to present before your conference, board room, or staff. We also offer live and pre-recorded video webinars should you wish to reach a remote audience.

Software and Model Development

Have PetroNerds design and build custom economic models, dashboards, and data analytics tools. 


HedgeAware: Interactive Hedging Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Industry

Commodity price hedges are a true forward-looking indicator of revenue and understanding hedging positions is essential to accurately forecasting future activity levels, capital budgets, financial risk and cash flow of both the industry and individual companies.

Unfortunately, not every company reports its hedging position the same way and the advent of innovative financial products have made assessments difficult, lengthy and complex. Until now, analysts have had to dig through individual filings, create their own database and then decipher swaps, collars, knock-outs, puts, options and other derivatives.

HedgeAware makes it easy for analysts, portfolio managers, lenders, executives and others to quickly assess an individual company’s hedging position and determine what it means for future revenue and cash flow.

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In addition to our customized research and advising services, we also offer a free podcast, the PetroNerds Podcast.