October 9, 2016

The PetroNerds Bundle

Go beyond the headlines and earnings calls with a subscription to the PetroNerds Bundle. The PetroNerds Bundle provides subscribers with critical, data-backed analysis of the US shale and tight oil space in a comprehensive, consistent, and digestible format.

The PetroNerds Bundle consists of the following:

  • Tight Oil Tallies: a monthly report that provides key production figures, rig and permit activity, productivity updates, top producer breakouts, and production forecasts for five US tight oil plays:
    • The Williston Basin (Bakken)
    • The Eagle Ford
    • The Permian Basin
    • The Denver-Julesburg Basin
    • The Powder River Basin.
  • Exclusive access to the full slide deck accompanying the PetroNerds Podcast.
  • See the table below for a full description of the bundle’s features.

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