The PetroNerds Podcast – Episode 10: Crushin’ on the Powder River Basin

In this episode of the PetroNerds Podcast, Trisha Curtis dives into the Powder River Basin (PRB). She discusses the basin’s operators, reservoirs, productivity, and outlook. This episode covers several themes and highlights from Q4 2017 earnings calls.       Subscribe to the PetroNerds Podcast in iTunes and TuneIn.   Carry On by The New Valleys has been[…]

Unravelling the US Shale Productivity Gains

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) has published PetroNerds’ new paper Unravelling the US Shale Productivity Gains (link to pdf). The paper draws from PetroNerds’ ongoing research into shale productivity at the basin, company, and individual well level during the oil market downturn. From the paper’s abstract: This paper seeks to assess the well productivity changes in[…]

KKR And The (Dismal) State Of Samson Resource’s Oil And Gas Production

The following is excerpted from an article PetroNerds published at on Samson Resources following the acquisition by private equity firm KKR. The full article can be accessed here: Private equity firm KKR (NYSE:KKR) announced the purchase of the bulk of oil and gas producer Samson Investment Company’s onshore US assets in a 2011 deal for[…]